Site and Group Rules

General Disloyal Citizens Site & Group Rules

  1. Be a civilized citizen. The following is not allowed:
    • Gender or Sexual Identity slurs
    • Homophobic behavior
    • Racism
    • Sexism
  2. No personal attacks, such as referring to other citizens using derogatory terms.
  3. No promotion of the sale of goods and services out of areas designated for such activity.
  4. No nudity or sexual acts outside of areas designated for such activity.
  5. No images / videos depicting actual human death may be posted in a group, unless the rules of that group state otherwise. Videos on personal timelines depicting death of any kind must be posted with a warning message.
  6. No Black trauma videos or stories.
  7. Each citizen may post any number of posts per group per day, within reason.
  8. All U.S. Federal laws apply throughout the site and override any individual group rules. In other words, absolutely no:
    • Child Pornography
    • Snuff
    • Bestiality
    • Necrophilia
  9. Moderators and Administrators may delete any post or comment at their discretion.
  10. Violation of any of these rules will result in the following consequences:
    • First strike: A warning from a moderator.
    • Second strike: A 72 hour ban from posting and commenting.
    • Third strike: Potential permanent ban from posting and commenting, to be determined by committee.

Wanna-Land Group Rules

Posting & Commenting Rules

About Wanna-Land

A premium, NSFW group for adults 18+. This is a drama, aggression, and negativity-free group. If you are easily offended, always on the offensive / defensive about the opposite sex, are prudish, and/or don’t know how to recognize and accept a joke, this may not be the group for you.

Rules Unique to Wanna-Land

  1. Leave your negativity at the door. Giving posters grief will not be tolerated. If you dislike a post that does not violate any rules, do not make a big stink about it. Not every joke / meme / concept / image needs to appeal to everyone.
  2. Absolute discretion is required. NO content posted in this group may be shared outside of this group without explicit, written permission from the content owner.
  3. Do not share nudes of other people that were sent to you personally unless you have their explicit permission to share them.
  4. There will be no body shaming in this group. React, lust, comment or joke, but no direct shaming or judging.
  5. There will be no sexuality shaming. If something is not to your taste, you can say so without judging those who are into it.
  6. No harassment of other members – either on or off the website – based on content shared in this group will be tolerated.
  7. Violation of these rules could result in group removal, site ban or even persecution, depending upon the severity of the violation.

Wanna-Land Exceptions to Disloyal Citizens General Rules

  1. Nudity IS allowed within this group. You may post nude pictures of yourself, or of content with nudity / explicit imagery.

All Disloyal Citizens General Posting and Commenting Rules Apply, unless stated otherwise.